BPO Services

Over the years, Expertise has been known in the market as a proven, reliable and trusted Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) solution provider of a wide range of non-core but essential business processes and back-office functions for organizations in both the private and public arena.

Our team of experienced and motivated professionals strives to provide our customers with better customer experience. A broad range of services that go beyond tactical process execution to achieving strategic process transformation objectives include:

  • Backroom Library Services
  • Exhibit Centre Management
  • Data Processing
  • Customer Services
  • IT Support / Help Desk
  • Cafeteria Management

Not limited to the above cited services, we also provide services relating to Customer Relationship Management, Call Centre Management, Commercial Cleaning Services and the list goes on.


Recognizing the impact brought about by the dynamic environment, Expertise is constantly on the search for process innovation and cutting-edge technology that deliver a great value proposition. Each project comprises robust governance and execution to meet and exceed customer expectations consistently.


We anticipate and understand the changing needs of our clients. Hence, we exercise great flexibilities, yet steadfast in our direction to achieving our missions and endeavor the best possible results for our clients’ outsourcing goals. Expertise is committed to achieving customer satisfaction.