Marine Services

Expertise offers quality and innovative solutions designed to meet the present day challenges of the marine industry in Singapore and SEA region. We pride ourselves as professionals providing specialized skills for a demanding industry where high levels of quality and technical competence are the norm not the exception. We adopt a proactive problem solving approach for every project and offer cost-effective solutions. At the same time, Expertise believes in total safety. We ensure work safety is carried out and related procedures are never compromised.


Expertise’s core focus for its marine services arm lies with the servicing of the oil and gas, shipping and marines industries. We also provide subsea solutions for energy and marine offshore companies in this region.


The privilege and ability to leverage on its management’s extensive and diversified experience and exposure to different diving mediums in the global oil and gas industry contributed to many successful projects undertook.


In particular, its founder, Mr Jimmy Khoo Eng Chew, was a former Republic of Singapore Navy diver with more than 15 years of diving experience; 8 of which were spent with Oceaneering, a global leader in providing commercial diving and deep water ROV services for the offshore oil and gas industry, and Sonsub, a company specializing in remote systems technology. Under his leadership, today, this division has the resources, capacities and capabilities to offer cost-e ffective yet complete and integrated solutions to customers.


In addition, Expertise’s Director of Operations, Mr Poopalasingam who possesses vast experience in integrated subsea solutions, is SEQU combined offshore safety certified. The latter has been extensively involved and led our team in numerous subsea projects such as Petronas Carigali, BP Vietnam, PV gas Vietnam, ExxonMobil as well as Murphy Oil. Being extremely experienced and well versed in the requirements of the offshore players, Poopalasingam’s hands on experience has led our team to excel in providing accurate and prompt services, and significantly heighten our reputation as a dedicated, highly qualified and professional subsea project provider.


Our project management team, thus is equipped with valuable on-site knowledge and experience to manage each entrusted project effectively and completing on schedule. From understanding customer’s requirements to project planning and preparation, service execution and completion, equipment procurement and assembly of diving systems to mobilization and demobilization of diving crew and equipment to report preparation, Expertise endeavours only the best for its customers.