Integrated Subsea Solutions and All works of Diving for Underwater


Our team of qualified diving specialists and technical crew are experienced in providing commercial diving services, mobilization and demobilization of diving crew and equipment, and Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) services.


Having its own in-house team of certified professional divers, Expertise is thus, able to deploy its divers at short notices.


Our experienced divers are able to conduct air diving as well as surface and mixed gas diving services in various environment such as inshore, construction and offshore.


The scope of work comprises (but not restricting) of – 

    • Uwild (Underwater Inspection in lieu of Dry Docking)
    • CCTV Inspection
    • Spud can cleaning and inspection
    • Asset life span and integrity inspection
    • Platform, jacket and pipeline inspection
    • Subsea structure inspection
    • Underwater cutting and welding
    • Survey & Salvage
    • Installation
    • Marine Construction (revetment works, jetty construction, pipe laying, shoreline protection)
    • Repair works


Ship Repair and Maintenance 

  •       General Hull Inspection