Ship Repair

Propeller Repair

Ship’s propeller blades are subject to damages (chipped, cracked or bend) by any means during the course of her voyage.  Such damages trigger vibrations which may in turn cause damage to the stern tube seals and propeller shaft bearings.
Expertise provides immediate interim solution by grinding/smoothening the damaged areas of the propeller blades and will recommend as necessary for further remedial action while docking.
Arresting holes on the propeller blades prevents further cracks or cavitation to the propeller blade, by relieving the uneven pressure distribution on the blades due to cracks or cavitation.

Anodes Installation/Replacement

Anodes are used on vessel to protect against corrosion. Such Sacrificial anodes are commonly used on ship's main hull, bilge keel, ballast tanks, etc for this purpose.
Expertise does Installation of such anodes secured or fitted to the surface by bolts, welds or the use of brackets and ties. 


Vessel Hull Repair

Ship’s hull is subject to damages (cracked, hole, leaked, etc) during her voyage, and this has to be arrested almost immediately.  Vessel would usually do a temporary blockage from inside the vessel (if the situation allows).  Expertise is able to treat the damaged area before welding or epoxying a new doubler plate over the damaged section.

Installation of Blanks and Plugs

When ship repair works are carried out from inside the vessel (eg. Replacement of valves, repair of overboard pipes, etc.), Expertise provides the installation and removal of blanks and plugs to facilitate repairs on board.

Installation of Rope Guard and Rope Cutters

Rope guard and rope cutters protect the propeller and propeller shaft from line or rope entanglements and potential damage on the shaft seal system. 
Expertise provides underwater installation of the Rope guard and rope cutters (bolted or welded).