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Expertise Technologies, a provider of underwater solutions, offers a full spectrum of inshore commercial diving in ships’ maintenance and repair works within Singapore Anchorages as well as the Outer Port Limits of Singapore. With our fleet of fully equipped diving boats coupled with our certified and trained divers, we adopt all diving operations in accordance with the Singapore Code of Practice for diving works SS511:2018 standards. To keep up the rising demands of the industry, we are continuously adjusting to the growing needs of our esteemed clients by expanding our fleet and improving our technologies to meet the revolutionary market demands and technologies. Expertise is assuming an increased regional position to further our presence in the rapidly growing markets and regions. Click HERE for our company's brochure.


Expertise strives to be a leading and preferred provider in all underwater and subsea solutions by providing superior and effective services to our clients, through continued advancement in our technical capabilities.


Expertise focuses on customers’ needs and requirements, and is totally dedicated to provide full customer satisfaction through cost-effective and safe solutions.

Our Services

Expertise offers a full spectrum of underwater ship maintenance and ship repair works, not limiting to inspections (photography and CCTV), hull cleaning, propeller polishing, inspections in-lieu of dry docking, rope entanglement removal, installation and removal of blanks and plugs, installation or replacement of anodes, installation of rope guard and rope cutter and installation of doubler plates. Our diving operations are carried out strictly in compliance with the Singapore Code of Practice for diving works SS511:2018 standards, equivalent to the International Diving Recommended Practice OGP411.

Ship Repair

Propeller Repair

Ship’s propeller blades are subject to damages (chipped, cracked or bend) by any means during the course of her voyage. Such damages trigger vibrations which may in turn cause damage to the stern tube seals and propeller shaft bearings. Expertise provides immediate interim solution by grinding/smoothening the damaged areas of the propeller blades and will recommend as necessary for further remedial action while docking. Arresting holes on the propeller blades prevents further cracks or cavitation to the propeller blade, by relieving the uneven pressure distribution on the blades due to cracks or cavitation.

Anodes Installation/Replacement

Anodes are used on vessel to protect against corrosion. Such Sacrificial anodes are commonly used on ship's main hull, bilge keel, ballast tanks, etc for this purpose. Expertise does Installation of such anodes secured or fitted to the surface by bolts, welds or the use of brackets and ties.

Vessel Hull Repair

Ship’s hull is subject to damages
(cracked, hole, leaked, etc) during her voyage, and this has to be arrested almost immediately. Vessel would usually do a temporary blockage from inside the vessel (if the situation allows). Expertise is able to treat the damaged area before welding or epoxying a new doubler plate over the damaged section.

PInstallation of Blanks and Plugs

When ship repair works are carried out from inside the vessel (eg. Replacement of valves, repair of overboard pipes, etc.), Expertise provides the installation and removal of blanks and plugs to facilitate repairs on board.

Installation of Rope Guard and Rope Cutters

Rope guard and rope cutters protect the propeller and propeller shaft from line or rope entanglements and potential damage on the shaft seal system. Expertise provides underwater installation of the Rope guard and rope cutters (bolted or welded).

Ship Maintenance

Hull Cleaning

Marine growth on a ship’s hull is formed when she is laidup or not moving in tropical waters. The fouling on the ship’s hull affects the ship’s efficiency and speed performance resulting in increased fuel/bunker consumption. Expertise provides full underwater hull cleaning using a 3-disc hydraulic brush kart that uses different brushes capable to meet all types of marine fouling and coatings of paint on a ship hull.

Photography Inspection

Expertise provides underwater hull inspection to allow ship owners to ascertain the ship’s hull condition for any relevant remedial action as necessary, as well as her marine fouling condition. A full report with photographs and review of the ship’s overall condition will be provided following the inspection.

CCTV Inspection

Expertise also provides underwater CCTV inspection using a 2-way communication CCTV system. Such inspections are commonly requested for the following purpose: UWILD (Under Water Inspection in Lieu of Dry-docking) General Inspection of vessel’s overall condition Sale and Purchase Inspection for Damages A detailed report with photographs and findings of the inspection together with a digital copy of the inspection video will be given to the client following the inspection.

Under Water Inspection in Lieu of Dry-docking (UWILD)

Expertise also performs UWILD under our accredited classes (ABS, BV, CCS, DNV.GL, IR, KR, LR, NKK, RINA) on vessels, in presence of the respective surveyor.

Invasive Marine Species Survey (IMS)

Expertise also provide IMS, which is another form of survey and cleaning, for vessels entering ports in Australia & New Zealand. The growth and accumulation of aquatic organisms on the vessel’s hull and other submerge areas will eventually lead to the spread of invasive marine species. Maintenance and removal of these in water can lead to contamination of the aquatic environment. The release of bio-fouling organisms during cleaning operations can result in the spread of invasive aquatic species, threatening human health and the aquatic environment. Hence cleaning of these vessels are strictly required prior to their entering these ports.

Propeller Polishing

Like the ship’s hull, the propeller is also susceptible to marine growth that decreases the propeller efficiency. Expertise provides propeller polishing service using a hydraulic polisher capable of achieving final finishes to Rupert Scale A.

Rope/Net Entanglement Removal

It is very common for net and rope to be entangled in the ship’s propeller during the course of her voyage. Expertise provides removal of net/rope entanglement including any other foreign objects, from the propeller area.


A ship’s hull above waterline is also susceptible to marine growth amid her voyage. This occurs as she is occasionally in loaded and unloaded condition, exposing the hull to air and water. Not just underwater, Expertise also offers cleaning of vessel’s hull above waterline, using high pressure waterjets.


Class Societies Accreditation

We are accredited by 10 classification societies to conduct in-water survey.

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Quality and Safety Accreditation

We are certified by SOCOTEC for fully conforming our management system to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 standards for diving operations.

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